Sunday, February 20, 2005


lamp, originally uploaded by spiralli.

This is for the everyday matters challenge... its my desk lamp I got from my parents before art school! Okey, so thats hummm, 20 years ago! and it still works, needs to have the bulb changed about every 5 years and has been across the country the long way...

Monday, February 14, 2005


CarlsbadCHILLYbeach, originally uploaded by spiralli.

This Sunday was the first day since my oral surgery on Thursday that had even a hint of sun so I got my puffy faced self out to the beach and did some sketches. This one is towards Encinitas and features that one bright yellow burst of flower in the middle. We DO have spring here, its just more subtle and ozzing than in the midwest, considering the basic lack of winter for contrast...


angelATCli, originally uploaded by spiralli.

Hey dollers! This is my atc for my angel goddess class! I did her as an experiment thinking that I was going to put directions on the class but there wasnt much interest or maybe the nature of atc's are that you dont need any direction or pattern!

They really are fun ...

GO see my new cafe press shop for some really cute Lucy and her happy heart things...


allINSIDEatc3, originally uploaded by spiralli.

I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled - last week in fact, feels like yesterday - I remember this being a long drawn out process in the 70's, watching my sister go through it with bloated cheeks, massive moaning and days of horizontal orientation... Being thankful that I waited until the 21st century is what I am now doing. BUT there were moments when through the vicodin haze I thought I would never have a thought longer than, "hummm, Well... Oh" and in those moments I thought succinctly enough... "All Inside" and here are the atc's I stitched from my pillowed perch.


AllInsideATC1, originally uploaded by spiralli.

another one


bigeyesATCli, originally uploaded by spiralli.

my favorite doll painting atc...


bigeyesATC2, originally uploaded by spiralli.

One of my neighbors left a Blithe doll by the pool with only head, arms, and an abbreviated bodice... I made some atc's (artist trading cards) of her...

Sunday, January 09, 2005


boxes, originally uploaded by spiralli.

Everyone on the everydaymatters list is talking about this box thing... sorts fun... tho a whole page seems more my style.