Friday, December 24, 2004


paintedONtheBEACH, originally uploaded by spiralli.

May you all have sunshine when you want it, following seas when you need them and the richest spirit of love all the time!

Blessed, exciting, interesting, fun and darn joyful Christmas to you all from sunny (and it WAS sunny today and 72º in the sun...) Southern California...

Love, Li


DaddyLongLegsonBeach, originally uploaded by spiralli.

This is my easel daddy long legs - "legs" from here on out. He is situated in what Chuck used to call "that winter light" which I thought I would never see out here in the land of never-winter, but there it is... blue, very blue.


ChristmasSEAL, originally uploaded by spiralli.

Today is Christmas eve and I am still in San Diego due to the weathers magnificent portrayal of a virulent travel scrooge in the Ohio Valley exactly where I was going to land...

So I went to the beach to paint to let it know I was only humbled by its theatrics, not wholly deterred or defeated!

This little seal barked out from the rocks and scampered into the water right beside my easel!