Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just testing

I got a message that I cant post to this site and here is a test to see if that is true...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ohio after the rain and the toothsome quality of Nursing home food...

Ah, under the canopy of the Amazon rain forest, so lush, so beautiful, so full of wildlife... well, in this case the wildlife consists of a herd of squirrels intent on consuming massive quantities of fermented maple seeds, thus blowing themselves up to gargantuan proportions and posing as presidential candidates... uppers, its Ohio at its finest! Really, it is beautiful, if you can stand the daily thunderstorms, and the humidity. (as a curly haired person, I protest this humidity from under an Afro of frizz easily mistakable for a pound and a half of cotton candy on my head and almost as sticky)

Toothsome, eh? White food and I'm not talking Caucasian here... Here we have the absence of color - no hue, not a speck of chroma, no saturation! nada... apparently the color is not alone in the dark corner it was banished to... the flavor is there too, shaking its spicy little head, ohhhh. Maybe I have been spoiled by California and Colorado, but my eyes bugged when I saw the first white bread and cold cut sandwich on her plate... no butter, no mustard, just bread and processed "meat" is that legal? OH no, here come the fiber police!

I imagine they were having a hard time, what with the fact that both the food and the plates were such a similar color, with people breaking teeth trying to consume the dishes... so they added dark green cups and little bowls for the rest of the food. (in their favor, they do provide tomato juice at every meal and don't question the need for 2 cups of hot water anymore...)

On the bright side, we did have a crafty time on Friday. Everyone got together in the PT room and made tissue paper "stained glass" collages. Several of the ladies commented that they did this in kindergarten, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and played along. I love that kind of thing and stopped in my quest to break the world speed record for creation of crocheted potholders, and joined in the fun! (the PT girls are great! Thank you PT girls. And Mootie improves daily, tho sometimes she doesn't want to admit it...)

On another note....

The heinous wallpaper of my childhood... still exists... a pastoral print of the English countryside in greens, browns and a surprisingly unappealing salmon(ella) color. It was here when we bought the house, we didn't choose it... In several places Emily and me painted over it, but along the way we lost interest and went to college followed by migrations westward. Now I have returned and low and behold, it is still here. Damn. So until we rip it down, I am painting over it with temporary art. Here is my mask wall. Improvement, eh?

Enjoy the onset of summer and find time to be thankful as often as possible, for everything! Go out and have a colorful lunch! Later, Li

Saturday, May 10, 2008

North Canton Art Show...

Well as a sort of "Welcome Back, home-girl" both Mootie and I got into the North Canton May Show. It is a really great show and everyone should go on over to the North Canton Library and check it out (if you happen to be within 20 miles, that is...) Here we are standing next to each other in art and...

Here we are standing next to each other in person. Here is a link to the library site, click on "lets go see the show!"

And here is evidence of the color yellow in nature. Nice, eh?

Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers, including my brave and impressive sister, mother of soon-to-be 16 years old twins, Ben and Gracie Cornelius!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Before I left the lovely state of California with my boxes of fabric and cartons of books, my friends had a party for me!

Here is Martha leading everyone in a rolicking drum circle!

You really dont get the full effect with these photos as there was quite a bit of movement and rich noises! Thank you guys!

This is the truck that arrived in front of our house and that was the weather... yes, gloom...

BUT this is what is out there right now! Transformation from the deepest greys to the brightest pinks in the time it takes to fill out a good collection of days...

and here am I... I think I am adjusting well, what do you think?

Love to all, LI

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Atlanta Airport...

Here I sit in the Atlanta Well, the cell seems to be not working but I went through this long process and figured out how to PAY for wifi. All the other airports have free wifi... Not only do they make you pay for the air, but they gouge you for okra laden confections, strangely named "Okra Crisps" I watched in fascination as a man lifted the heavy Okra Pod Up to his mouth and it slowly bent into a L shape as a bead of glimmering slime meandered through the little hairs on the pod and dropped languidly off the tip of the "vegetable" He put it down and went over to stand in the line for MacDonald's.... I hightailed it to star bucks where there is nothing to consume that involves... Buggers.

So LiHertzi Design is moving to Ohio via Atlanta... See Ya there...