Saturday, May 10, 2008

North Canton Art Show...

Well as a sort of "Welcome Back, home-girl" both Mootie and I got into the North Canton May Show. It is a really great show and everyone should go on over to the North Canton Library and check it out (if you happen to be within 20 miles, that is...) Here we are standing next to each other in art and...

Here we are standing next to each other in person. Here is a link to the library site, click on "lets go see the show!"

And here is evidence of the color yellow in nature. Nice, eh?

Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers, including my brave and impressive sister, mother of soon-to-be 16 years old twins, Ben and Gracie Cornelius!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Before I left the lovely state of California with my boxes of fabric and cartons of books, my friends had a party for me!

Here is Martha leading everyone in a rolicking drum circle!

You really dont get the full effect with these photos as there was quite a bit of movement and rich noises! Thank you guys!

This is the truck that arrived in front of our house and that was the weather... yes, gloom...

BUT this is what is out there right now! Transformation from the deepest greys to the brightest pinks in the time it takes to fill out a good collection of days...

and here am I... I think I am adjusting well, what do you think?

Love to all, LI