Sunday, September 26, 2004


grinning, originally uploaded by spiralli.

This is just to prove that I still sew... She was inspired by Molly at Doll Street delightfully replying to my grousing about everything including my always grinning friend with Oh no! Not something with a constant grin!!! Eeeee I just couldn't take it " which of course made me grin and the grousing was suddenly avian history.

Enjoy the week, Li


OceanView, originally uploaded by spiralli.

Are you nuts? Of course we have an ocean view... Thats what the lady at starbucks said about the tiny sliver of purple, no the 5" sliver of ocean past the road, past the coaster track, past the big dirty dunes, past the one-0-one, past the bushy bit, THERE is the ocean. Everyone out here has an ocean view or at least SAYS they do.

this is a cloudy day in Carlsbad

this is a cloudy day in Carlsbad, originally uploaded by spiralli.

Swamis beach

Swamis beach, originally uploaded by spiralli.

My definite favorite beach... about which I wrote 2 dense paragraphs that were unceremoniously (not even an effin napkin on the table) feasted on by flicker...

This is the best beach in Encinitas to draw on... there is a whole multi-height amphitheater of seating rocks, a hefty contingent of el-buff-o surfer dudes for paint box assistance up and down the stairs, and polite snoopers (tourists mostly, who will almost always say that your work is "beautiful" despite its total f-up-ed-ness - they are on vacation and happy and nicey-nice. Stay away from the locals beach as they will stride right up to you, look at the drawing, look you right in the eyeball and say "you think THAT looks like THAT?", roll those bulging peepers and back away so as watch you squirm from a better viewpoint... for a long time... muttering all the while... )

Sunday, September 12, 2004


A woman on the Art Journal list was lamenting that she was too old for crayons and I felt the need to weigh in like the 300 lb lady at the circus on this issue... heavily. YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR CRAYONS, not for the delicious smell of creative wax fresh out of the box, not for the visual bountiful bucket of fresh clams of colors (not to mention names - wild strawberry... periwinkle... spring green) and specially, not too old to loose your head over the feel as they slide across the construction paper of your soul... Okey-Dokey Li! time for yer meds! Ok so I went alittle over the edge...

"The poet and baker are brothers in the essential task of nourishing the world" Isabel Allende

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"vinaka CAFE"

"vinaka CAFE", originally uploaded by spiralli.

September is the month summer ends (of course here in Southern California, it is 97 degrees IN my apartment at 10 PM despite the Florida style hurricane effect of the 4 Target fans strategically aimed directly at my head) "Sad, sad, sad" as my sister Emily would say, but nowhere near as tragic as the end of summer in say... Florida...

I got all excited last night about my cafe press site - these things just seem to take me over now and then to the point of little or no return. It was suddenly 1am and I had just finished writing a "newsletter" , which, to my mild dismay, I discovered I could only send once (and can't even put pictures in - what effin use is T H A T, eh?) and then it dissolved into the ethers and I had only set up 6 people to send it to...

The directions clearly stated that one needed to plan the missive prior to stepping from the dock onto the rocket train of creation, but failed to mention the true keyboard dismembering speed at which that train rocks, Geeeeeze! Finally, by succumbing to actually following, very carefully, the directions, I succeeded and a newsletter spiffily formatted and all was shooed off to 6 people!

One of the things I love best about the web is that you can find all kinds of stuff, basically rearrange it and just give it to people, So if you want to get a DIFFERENT (meaning I will have to write another one...) newsletter about the political stuff - feel free to go to the site and find the newsletter sign up thing at the bottom.

WARNING... a tad on the political side... the left political side...

I think I will try a doll one from the wildspiritarts site so go there if you want that so-far-imaginary newsletter. (you know, if I had a life this would just not be possible, count your lucky stars, Hah!)

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Sunday, September 05, 2004


lotoPEOPLEbeach, originally uploaded by spiralli.

The last weekend of the summer, at least officially, here in CA it seems perpetual. This is my home beach... there does seem to be some overkill on the humanity element tho... Last year about now the tourists slowly dissipated, leaving the leathery crowd at the Starbucks snarking around about surf and boards and the unwelcome reoccurrence of... day jobs.

Did it with my trusty WN box... which is full of sand, somewhat like my house, and strangely, smells like chocolate...

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