Monday, February 14, 2005


CarlsbadCHILLYbeach, originally uploaded by spiralli.

This Sunday was the first day since my oral surgery on Thursday that had even a hint of sun so I got my puffy faced self out to the beach and did some sketches. This one is towards Encinitas and features that one bright yellow burst of flower in the middle. We DO have spring here, its just more subtle and ozzing than in the midwest, considering the basic lack of winter for contrast...


Rosie M. Banks said...

Dear Li, it's good to see you out and about again. Sorry about the wisdom teeth!

I am enjoying everything you share, but I like your landscapes the best. They are colorful and true.

Arty Velarde said...

I have been flippin through the list of Illustrated blogs again. I enjoyed looking at your work. It's very nice and strong. Thanks for sharing it.