Thursday, August 30, 2007

The week of little things....

The second set of small things first!

The second small thing that arrived in my week was encountered at Gee Gee's Stamps and Stuff in Carlsbad. A wonderful teacher Georgia Lichon taught the hows and what-nots of using Easy Cast Resin. I have never used this and thought that it would be fun for doll faces... I think it will be fun for hours... and hours.... and hours! Grin!

These were the first ones I did. Georgia had all kinds of images for us to use. (I, of course, brought my whole, big, honkin, sewing tool-kit full of photos, old art, collage and beads, tons of beads) She also supplied little plastic paint "tins" and some recycled packaging. The latter is what I used first to get the hang of it. The Easy Cast is basically smell-less and takes 72 hours to dry (Argh! No immediate gratification there) We first poured a little in, dropped our "art" in and then poured until the rest of the space was full.

Below is a pile-up of the other things we did. The ones that almost look globular, are from the paint "tin". You can get these at Michael's for pennies and as you see here, they make nice molds. The other shape is the bottle tops which are all the rage with the crafty types. Only last night at my doll club, I saw a lovely pair of earrings with Frida Kahlo featured prominently, peering from under her massive uni-brow, no doubt with haughty disdain for our doll-crafty selves. The creator had the last laugh tho, she surrounded the artist with a halo of patriotic glitter beaded the be-zeebers out of her! Tho a bit corny, I actually like the little caps and have a nice 6 of Sierra Nevada cooling in the fridge, ready to start on for some more raw material! (I hear you can buy them on line, but that wouldn't be recycling, now would it, hum?)

Have a look at my Art Doll Adventures site to see some really cool, English business cards, tiny and thick! As well as stickers and my usual commentary!


I am teaching a new drawing class at Doll Street

"I draw every day - sometimes I draw for work, always for play, sometimes it turns into something else, sometimes it sucks, rocks, just is, sometimes I love what I do, sometimes I show it off and sometimes I tape a piece of paper over it, then do another drawing on top - so it is my secret, sometimes I wad it up and sometimes it has a life of its own, sometimes it is just a way to pass the time, sometimes it is spying, sometimes it is to catch a moment or just make a pretty picture to occupy my mind until I can figure out what I am supposed to do next, sometimes a drawing becomes a doll, a pot, a shirt/skirt/crazy hat, sometimes it feels like I am getting better at it, sometimes not, sometimes after it, I see differently.

My plan is do this until I die."

As you see, drawing is a passion for me! As well as therapy, work and well... FUN! There is nothing as delightful as catching an exquisite moment on paper or being able to translate that creativity swimming around in your head into "reality." This class is designed to wake up those eyes and hands to the truth that you ARE already an artist and help you enjoy it!

You will learn the basics of sketching through Exercises, Sketch Notes, Loosen UPs, and Daily Draws. The Exercises will lead you through a "how to" of the drawing skill we are exploring in the chapter. The Sketch Notes are just like my doll class Sketch Notes, they will offer you ideas about the feeling, thinking, and writing around the subject. The Loosen Ups are fun little exercises that will make you laugh, loosen up and draw like a monkey, just kidding on that last one, but that's the idea! and Finally, the Daily Draws are the drawings you can choose to do every day. Daily Drawing nurtures your innate talent, gently evolving it into the eye/hand/observation/soul skills that will shine more sweetly through all of your work!

Click here to see more or sign up! Have a great holiday weekend! Li

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Judi Wellnitz said...

Hey Li -
These are really cool! Can you drill through the resin when it is dry? I'm thinking of charms here. Can you buy it at Michael's? So many questions - you have my mind spinning, LOL. Email me please ...