Friday, December 21, 2007

Traveling the Holiday Train

Hey Everyone, Happy holidays, every one of them! The above pix is of me at the airport in Phoenix sorta, I don't remember it being that blue, but that's what it felt like.

Speaking of blue... This is Danny explaining how he is going to run for the Peace President! He is going to be in the spider man party so everyone better switch affiliations so you can vote for him in the primaries! He really is the best choice.

Here is Danny's full crew making double chins! We are sure we are ready for the presidency because between us we have the ability to solve all manner of Rubik cubes, put on our socks and shoes and knit a beanie. There you have it, the ministry of mastery, the department of looking good and the caucus of hooks and needles.

Vote For US!

Enjoy your holidays! LI

1 comment:

MaryO said...

AT last! A candidate I can vote for with confidence!!!