Sunday, September 12, 2004


A woman on the Art Journal list was lamenting that she was too old for crayons and I felt the need to weigh in like the 300 lb lady at the circus on this issue... heavily. YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR CRAYONS, not for the delicious smell of creative wax fresh out of the box, not for the visual bountiful bucket of fresh clams of colors (not to mention names - wild strawberry... periwinkle... spring green) and specially, not too old to loose your head over the feel as they slide across the construction paper of your soul... Okey-Dokey Li! time for yer meds! Ok so I went alittle over the edge...

"The poet and baker are brothers in the essential task of nourishing the world" Isabel Allende

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Anonymous said...

I always joke when i have to do something i don't want to do, that it's because they took my crayons away!!!