Sunday, September 26, 2004

Swamis beach

Swamis beach, originally uploaded by spiralli.

My definite favorite beach... about which I wrote 2 dense paragraphs that were unceremoniously (not even an effin napkin on the table) feasted on by flicker...

This is the best beach in Encinitas to draw on... there is a whole multi-height amphitheater of seating rocks, a hefty contingent of el-buff-o surfer dudes for paint box assistance up and down the stairs, and polite snoopers (tourists mostly, who will almost always say that your work is "beautiful" despite its total f-up-ed-ness - they are on vacation and happy and nicey-nice. Stay away from the locals beach as they will stride right up to you, look at the drawing, look you right in the eyeball and say "you think THAT looks like THAT?", roll those bulging peepers and back away so as watch you squirm from a better viewpoint... for a long time... muttering all the while... )

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