Monday, June 11, 2007

Art Doll Adventurer gets to paint!

Life guard stand in Carlsbad at dusk

Oh Dear! This color looks so dull on my monitor!
It was warm and striking and the painting looks very richly colored!
Hopefully your monitor will render it with the vibrancy the evening deserved.

I decided to try a sketch last night just to see if I still remembered how to do it and still liked the process... I do... I have an easel named Daddy Longlegs that I have loved for years, a French easel, and ever so dapper, but Longlegs is missing a few screws! Upp and wing nuts and well, he is just so darned heavy. So I am off to find a lighter alternative. Anyone have any suggestions?

Enjoy the evening, LI

1 comment:

caseytoussaint said...

The color looks anything but dull on my monitor - it just glows.