Friday, June 01, 2007

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to summer!

One of our "book dolls" waves you into the new season with wishes of a beach-full of creative inspirations!

Here is a little site that I made last week.

Ahhh you say, where are the pictures? Whats with all of the black? hummm is this really the Li I know? Yes! it is a work in process, more soon.

In the meantime click on the Amazon link to see more and make comments!

Later, LI

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georgia lichon said...


I am thrilled that your resin pieces turned out so well. They look REALLY GREAT! I loved the class too and especially meeting the author of a wonderful book. I see you do other high enterest things I love.
My next class at Gee Gee's is a doll class. Check her out at the store...I think you would like her. As I said I will pretty much teach anything collage, watercolor, etc. etc. if I have three people.
In answer to your question about the doll's delicate hands...cetainly a mold works best, but you could do a "pooling technique" with the resin. Using a non stick surface, lay the hands down and "pool" the resin. Allow to dry then remove and trim. Try may work. Let me know. I hope we'll stay in touch. Geo.